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Conversation 007: [video] -I Cant Think Of A Good Bond Joke-
I Dont Understand What You Mean, Confusion
[A video feed opens from Kanaya's device, showing a few out of a window onto the decorated streets. It pans along the length of a lane, slowing on a few distant damaged buildings, then turns abruptly toward her face. She frowns at the camera, immediately speaking.]

I don't hear crashing sounds from the tentacles thrashing about, and the water seems clear of its shadow. But the city is covered in spiderwebs, and don't they typically indicate disuse? Are people unharmed?

Muse list
So Precious
As of 9/14/2011:
In Game Muse:

Cape & Cowl
Hal Stewart from Megamind

Homeless muses:

Kanaya Maryam from Homestuck
Currently silent

Only-partially formed muses:

Teddie from Persona 4

Toph Bei Fong from Avatar: The Last Airbender

Jade Harley from Homestuck

Nepeta Leijon from Homestuck

Rujati Valken, a fantroll from Homestuck.

Kanaya Maryam, an AU bloodswap from Homestuck, indigo-blooded.

That Woodchuck, a explicit trolling account of a woodchuck who will scurry away from threats, watch people curiously, and speak the words of the tongue-twister.

Mr. L, an aging hippie in an institution from 01011001 and The Electric Castle.
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Conversation 003 [Video]
Curseweek!, Oh Look Im A Samurai, I Will Draw This If You Continue
[Kanaya is staring intently into the SFC, holding it near enough to her face that nothing above her head can be seen.]

I take it then that most of us have awoken with our ordinary attire disappeared? And our other personal belongings have similarly absconded? Is this one of those "curses" I have heard references to?

[The SFC is pulled further away, so that she can display the outfit and the words floating above her head.

Lvl 1 Samurai
H.P. 100% Mana 100%
Lives Remaining 3

Kanaya's eyes track up to the words for a moment, then down at the screen again.]

This... title... Does anyone know what inspired it?


[ooc] HMD / Crit
Computer Screen, Let Me Text You, Computer Voyeur
How's My Driving on how I'm playing Kanaya, how I'm doing as an rper generally, or how I behave out-of-character. Be it critique or examples of what I'm doing right, I'd like to hear it! :)

If you'd like to just leave a comment here, Anon comments are on and IP logging is off.
If you'd rather chat with me about it, feel free to either send me a PM, catch me on AIM as SwirlingFlight, or chat with me on Plurk.

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Conversation 002 [Text/Video]
Computer Screen, Let Me Text You, Computer Voyeur
Backlogged to the 23rd
Style: Text, Video, and/or Audio to begin with

Everyone I Hope You Have Been Doing Well
I Want To Let You Know That I Have Arrived In Vatheon
Also I Would Like To See Each Of You
And Catch Up If We Can

This Device Is Not Quite Intuitive Just A Moment Please

[A moment passes. The video comes on, tilted oddly at the fountains before rotating to Kanaya's face. She is smiling slightly and staring at the feed.]

So if any of you would like to say hi, or talk about anything going on, or make plans to convene for any purpose, please let me know!

Anyone who is not from our universe, greetings to you also, I am Kanaya Maryam.

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